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Open Zelda 6.2

Open Zelda is a two dimensions dungeon adventure game
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Open Zelda is a two dimensions dungeon adventure game.
This is a good adventure quest game and its goal is to end the quest by finding hidden items through conversations with other characters of the game. It allows loading quests that can be downloaded from its website. A default quest is included with the program.

It also provides on its website additional quests and demos to change the environment to play. Moreover it provides a quest installer to create new custom quests.

It can be played with the mouse, keyboard and joystick. The game doesn’t need installation, just unzip it and run the OpenZelda executable file to start it. Its menu are not complicated to understand and only provides the basic actions to play a game like load a quest, save a game and load a game but also it provides some options for video like resolution and display options. The game's window can’t be maximized. The game is portable and it can be played in any computer just by copying the executable file.

Its documentation is included with the program however there is a lot of more information on its website. There are some issues related to game performance and sometimes the game need to be restarted but there is no option to restart the game. Among the quests to download and play there is the OpenSonic quest which is nice to play.

Ricardo Zayola
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  • OpenZelda is a simple and easy game to play. Its quests can be downloaded from its website and besides it offers a tool to create quests and customize your own quest


  • There are some bugs. There is no option to restart the game
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